Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Schiavo case: Congress meddling in the Private Sphere

Good Morning.
Since there seems to be nothing in the news but the wrangling over Terry Shiavo's feeding tube, and indeed, the most frightening thing about it all is the extent to which the government now wants to further intrude in our private lives, with the Righteous Right in Congress now taking it upon themselves to make these decisions, I became curious about what the I CHING would say about this.
It gave me the Hexagram, #63 AFTER COMPLETION,

___ ___

___ ___


which says, "When no further progress is possible, disorder necessarily arises, because the way cannot go on."
The Judgement says:
"After Completion. Success in small matters.
Perseverance furthers.
At the beginning, good fortune.
at the end, disorder"

( pretty accurate picture of Shiavo's life, wouldn'tyou say?)
But the Oracle seems to be addressing itself more to Congress and those who would "stand above things" in this matter, and its consequences:
The image:
"Water over fire: the image of the condition.

Thus the superior man
Takes thought of misfortune
and arms himself in advance." (This would seem to adocate getting a Living Will)
In one aspect, fire and water counteract each other, whereby an equilibrium is created; (I see this as public vs private rights) in another aspect, however, fear of collapse is also suggested. If the water escapes, the fire goes out; if the fire flames high, the water dries up. Hence, precautionary measures are necessary when handling elements by nature hostile to each other. The upper trigram suggests danger, disaster, the lower, clarity and foresight. The taking thought occurs in the heart, the arming in external actions. The danger still lurks unseen (the danger of increasing unseemly meddling by the government and its possible consequences) hence, only reflection enables one to perceive it in time and thus avert it." (I think we know where the Religious Right is heading with this)
The Lines:
>Nine at beginning says:
"He brakes his wheels.
he gets his tail in the water.
No Blame"
Uses the wheel and the fox as its image, first line being the tail. the possibility of overcoming the danger by holding back firmly arises from the strong nature of this line.
More revealingly, the second marked line seems to speak directly about public involvement in private matters:
>Six in the second place says:
" The woman loses the curtain of her carriage.
Do not run after it
On the seventh day you will get it back"
The upper trigram, K'an, means wagon, and robbers, hence the theft of the curtain (By meddlers in Congress, I'd say)
It is compared to a woman who has lost her veil (Privacy in personal matters) and is consequently exposed to attack.
But since she is correct, these attacks do her no harm, and after a full cycle she obtains her veil again.
( Congress has now tried this meddling in private affairs, , but not without damaging its own credibility, as we shall see).

This Hexagram now changes to:
# 48 the Well.

"The Town may be changed
But the well cannot be changed .
It neither decreases or increases
If one gets almost down to the water
and the rope does not go all the way
or the jug breaks, it brings misfortune."

The well is the symbol of social structure which, evolved by mankind in meeting its most basic needs, is independant of all political forms.
Governments change, as do nations, but the life of Man with its needs remains eternally the same. Life is also inexhaustible. It grows niether less nor more, existing for one and all. The generations come and go, and all enjoy life in its inexhaustible abundance (and also, it suggests, must accept death when it comes naturally). Every human being can draw in the course of his education from the inexhaustiblre wellspring of the divine in man's nature. But here two dangers threaten: a man may fail in his education to penetrate the real roots of humanity and remain fixed in convention, -a partial education of this sort is as bad as none -or he may suddenly collapse and neglect his self-development."
The Image:
"Water over wood: the Image of the Well.
thus the superior man ecourages people at their work
and exhorts them to help one another".
(the superior man organizes human society, so that, as in a plant organism, all its parts co-operate for the benefit of the WHOLE) This suggests that Congress should not busy itself with individual cases that do nothing to address the greater needs of the people, thus severely diminishing their usefulness.

I predict this will turn around and bite them!
Your Faithful Reader,
Mme. Zaratamara


Blogger Suzi said...

Why can't people see that Death is as natural as Life. While i understand that the Schiavos don't want to loose their daughter...they already have, and to keep the poor body alive is selfish and disgraceful. If Teri does, in fact, want to live (despite her previous wishes) then they should take her home and give her gatorade and goats milk and if she wants to live, SHE WILL. Miracles happen everyday and just because they unhook her doesn't mean that she will die IF SHE DOESN"T WANT TO!! The whole thing is so sad but it is really none of my business nor Tom Delays'. Why this murderous white house wants to save a life all of a sudden is beyond me.

6:58 AM  
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